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California Trust Litigation

Trust litigation cases can be some of the most emotionally draining cases you’ll encounter in a court room; comparable to divorce and/or child custody cases. The reason trust litigation can be such an uncomfortable case to take on, especially without an attorney, is the fact that it most commonly involves a breach of trust amongst members of a family following the death of a loved one.

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Webb Law Group Resolves Client’s Suffering from Breach of Contract & Fraud

Some of the most common cases we have here at Webb Law Group involve matters of breach of contract. When fraud is involved, the damages not only escalate financially, but also emotionally. It's a stressful situation when you make an agreement with someone and they don't fulfill their end of the bargain.

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WLG Resolves Breach of a Royalty Agreement Contract

Webb Law Group proudly takes you inside a real case that was handled by our firm. While names have been omitted for privacy purposes, we will approach the matter of a Breach of a Royalty Agreement Contract within the context of this real case. We will take you from the Complaint [...]

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Webb Law Group Handling a Breach of Contract

Webb Law Group proudly takes you inside a real case that was handled by our firm. While names have been omitted for privacy purposes, we will approach the matter of a breach of contract within the context of this real case. We will take you from the complaint to the conclusion, providing a segue from legal problem to solution, with the strong support of Webb Law Group's team of attorneys and staff.

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Legal Recourse in Nondisclosure of Property Defect Cases

A common occurrence in the real estate world that enters the legal realm is nondisclosure of property defects. While in many cases the seller was aware of the problem and did not disclose it to the buyer, there are many circumstances where the seller was unaware of the problem when they sold the property and is now being sued for damages.

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Class Action Lawsuit Against Coast Dental Services, Inc. DBA Smilecare

WEBB LAW GROUP, APC, is currently pursuing a proposed class action against Coast Dental Services, Inc., dba Smilecare. Consumers who received dental services from the above named companies may be eligible to join in a class action lawsuit. Coast Dental Services, Inc., purchased Smilecare in 2012. In California, there are approximately [...]

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California Bank Levies, Property Levies, and Assignment Orders

Refusing or otherwise failing to pay on a debt can result in many different legal actions being taken against you. Options include bank levies, property levies, and assignment orders. Different actions may be taken for different situations. It's a good idea to know your rights as they pertain to each of these actions and what your options may be before, during, and following application of them.

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Handling a Breach of Employment Agreement

An employment agreement is a legal agreement documented in writing between an employer and their employee that creates a contract between them and explains the terms of employment. An employment contract may include any of the following: Contact information, including the names, phone numbers, emails, and/or other identifying information of all [...]

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Joint Tenancy Law in California

The vast majority of joint tenancies in California are used as a will substitute among family members, according to the California Legislature. In a joint tenancy, the surviving member among the title holders will inherit the property. An alternative method is to hold the property as tenants in common, in which case each party owns a percentage interest in the property.

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Your Intellectual Property Deserves to be Protected

Often times, most people believe that they don’t need to protect their company brand or other related intellectual property. Unfortunately for these individuals, they soon learn that protecting their intellectual property could have saved them money, time, and the rights to the hard earned property that they have developed. If you [...]

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Exercising Your Rights as A Co-Owner in Property

When co-owners of property are in dispute regarding co-owned property, they are entitled to bring that dispute before the court. Traditionally, when the dispute between co-owners reached an impasse, the court would physically divide the land into equal portions, with each co-owner receiving one split of the land. This is known as a partition by kind, and it is the preferred method of resolving disputes amongst co-owners of property.

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Civil Lawsuit Statute of Limitations and Time Limits by San Diego law firm Webb Law Group

SERVICE OF PROCESS Serve Defendant after Complaint Filed – 60 days after filing.  [Source: CRC 3.110] Serve Doe Defendant Added via Amended Complaint – 30 days after adding.  [Source: CRC 3.110(b)] Deadline to file Proof of Service of Summons and Complaint (proving to Court Defendant was served) – 60 days after serving complaint.  [Source: CCP § 583.210] [...]

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What Does California Law Say About Cybersquatting?

With the internet growing more and more in usage for business purposes, it's no surprise that more and more business litigation matters involve online crimes. Everything from website copyrights  and online marketing strategies to cases involving hacking and theft of online "property" are capable of being business litigation matters that end [...]

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How To Collect On a Promissory Note

A promissory note is a signed and legally binding document containing a written promise by the borrower to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on demand. Promissory notes are used for a wide variety of loans including but not limited to [...]

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How to Avoid Successor Liability

Imagine your company decides to purchase a business. The business is up for sale at a great price and seems a worthy investment for future revenue. You purchase the business, oversee a merger, and quickly begin to start generating revenue from your new enterprise. Everything seems great, right? Two years later, [...]

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Are Your Employees Committing Fraud?

You’ve worked hard to build your business into a successful organization that is run professionally and legally. If you’re like most legitimate business owners, you seek to run your business in a manner that makes money while adhering to basic standards of business ethics. More importantly, you take the law seriously. [...]

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How to Avoid Getting Sued

A lawsuit has the potential to be devastating for your business. You’ve worked hard to build your company into something that is financially successful and capable of building pride in yourself and the employees that work under you. There is no reason to put your business at risk for a lawsuit, [...]

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Top 5 Class Action Lawsuits of the Past Decade

A class action lawsuit has the potential to devastate a business. While some companies have survived a crushing blow from a lawsuit, some companies have completely fallen apart from being sued. Let’s discuss some of the top examples of lawsuits that have happened in the past ten years and their impact [...]

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Employment Law in California

Employment law varies based on state, with each state having its own unique set of laws that apply to its employers that employees would be empowered to familiarize themselves with. Surprisingly, while employment is clearly one of the most important and common things an individual will be involved with, there are [...]

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Child Custody Law in California

Navigating the labyrinth of information related to child custody law, no matter what the state, can be confusing. In regards to child custody, California has its own individual state laws and regulations. Knowing what those laws and regulations are, and how to prepare for a child custody case, is crucial in [...]

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Sugerencias de Deposición de California

Webb Law Group, APC is a civil law firm with offices in both Fresno and San Diego, California with a heightened focus on dedicated, honest client service. Unlike other law firms, our attorneys provide honest, straightforward advice in order for our clients to clearly understand the options and solutions available to them and we never make promises we can’t keep.

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Mattress Warranty “Stain Exclusions” and Improper Inspection Fees Lead The Attorneys at Webb Law Group, APC, and Norton & Melnik, APC, to Pursue a Class Action Against Mattress Manufacturers

Over the last decade, top mattress manufacturers, such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons, and Stearns & Foster, have seen a significant rise in warranty claims. Mattress manufacturers sell their mattresses with warranties that supposedly protect against defects such as sagging or body impressions. However, they do not always honor these warranties.

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The Attorneys at Webb Law Group, APC, and Olsen Law Offices, APC, are pursuing a Class Action Against Samsung for Alleged False Advertising of their Galaxy S5 Active Smartphone

Samsung advertised its galaxy S5 Active as being "[e]ngineered for your active lifestyle," going as far as saying that the Galaxy S5 Actives is both shock resistant from a drop onto a flat surface of less than 4 feet and water resistant in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Some Galaxy S5 Active owners have claimed they were unaware that the actual shock and water resistance was far less than advertised capabilities of their devices.

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Child Custody Basics

A divorce is a difficult and complex matter. Splitting up possessions and breaking up a home is not easy (check out this infographic about divorce in America). There are many important decisions to be made during the dissolution process. You should always consult your legal team to make sure you are [...]

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Divorce In America

Here at Webb & Bordson, APC we specialize in several areas of law.  Divorce and family law is one of our specialties.  We recently created this infographic to inform our readers about divorce statistics in America. Check it out and feel free to share: Feel free to embed this infographic on [...]

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Why Do Domain Name Disputes Occur?

Managing Partner Lenden F. Webb: "Webb Law Group, APC’s attorneys represent commercial domain name registrants in portfolio protection matters, trademark infringement threat letters and litigation. Our understanding of cyber squatting and trademark law ensures that our litigation techniques are not only advanced but comprehensive and cost-effective.  Our firm also engages in complex litigation [...]

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Business Partnerships: Why Having a Business Attorney Draw Up a Partnership Agreement is so Important

You have reached your goals and are finally ready to join the 5.68 million partnership businesses all ready in existence in the United States. You have carefully researched and found the perfect location, tools, staff, product, website, and partner. Webb Law Group wants to draw up those ever so important and essential partnership papers for you. You worked too hard not to have all your bases covered for your new business venture.

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Class Action Lawsuits in the United States

  Feel free to embed this infographic on your blog by copying the code below: Fresno Branch: 466 W. Fallbrook, Suite 102 Fresno, CA 93711 T: (559) 431-4888 F: (559) 821-4500 San Diego Branch: 10509 Vista Sorrento Pkwy., Suite 430 San Diego, CA 92121 T: (619) 399-7700 F: (619) 819-8400 The content [...]

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Have you had a complaint filed against you under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act?

The United States Department of Agriculture, through the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA), assists individuals and entities in the produce industry by ensuring fair trade practices with respect to the buying and selling of fruits and vegetables. Specifically, PACA assists by facilitating the mediation and/or arbitration of claims, as well as [...]

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More than ever, consumers have the free reign to voice their opinions about products via the Internet. Whether the consumer is completely satisfied or dissatisfied they still have the ability to let their voices be heard in the loudest way possible. Consumers who want others to know about their dissatisfaction create Internet “gripe” sites. “Gripe sites” are websites devoted to critiquing a person, place, corporation, or products. Further they allow other consumers to chime in on their unpleasant experiences with a company or product.

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More Reasons to Consult a Reputable San Diego Employment Lawyer

Both employers and employees have to grapple with constantly changing labor laws on the federal and state levels. If you've been mistreated or let go from your job without a satisfactory explanation, a one-man crusade against a powerful and influential corporation can only go so far. Meanwhile, even if all employment in California is considered “at-will” (unless otherwise stated), employers still need to tread carefully when terminating employees.

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Government Officials and San Diego Business Litigation Firms Protect Senior Citizens from Fraud

Financial or business fraud is defined as a case wherein financial resources are not legally and ethically managed. California law allows a person to file for fraud under these circumstances: intentional misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, concealment or failure to disclose relevant data with intent to defraud the victim, and a false promise.

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Need for an Effective Business Lawyer in San Diego: New Ruling Warrants Smarter Decisions When Filing Class Action Suits

A New York federal appeals court recently reversed the ruling of a lower court regarding a class action suit filed against Google, specifically for its Library Project. The case was brought forth by the Authors Guild, which claims to represent tens of thousands of authors who are filing complaints against the [...]

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The Attorneys at Webb Law Group, APC, and Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik filed a Class Action Complaint Against General Atomics for Alleged Wage & Hour Violations

On March 19, 2013, the employment attorneys at Webb Law Group, APC, and Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik filed a class action complaint against General Atomics for alleged wage and hour violations.  Gray v. General Atomics, Case No. 37-2013-00040131-CU-BT-CTL, is currently pending in the San Diego County Superior Court for the State [...]

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For many people, there is a common misconception that child support ceases to exist on the child's 18th birthday.  This is simply not the case.  Absent an agreement by the parents or an incapacitated adult child, the statutory child support duty normally terminates when the child reaches age 19 or completes high school, which ever occurs first.

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How a Business Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Stockholders’ Liabilities in Your Corporation or LLC

When you are thinking of going into business in California, you may consider forming a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC).  With both these organizations, you are protected from personal liability.  Thus, if someone were to sue you, you can rest in peace with the thought that your personal property will not be included as settlement for liabilities.

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San Diego Employment Lawyer Explains the Importance of Employee Handbooks

Being a business owner in California can be a frustrating experience at times. Not only do you have to worry about keeping your day-to-day operations running smoothly, but you also need to ensure that you are complying with each and every employee-friendly labor law California has to offer. Sadly, many business owners learn the hard way exactly what type of protections California employees are entitled to.  No matter how big or small your business is, you could likely benefit from an employee handbook that clearly and concisely lays out your employment policies and practices.

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Start a Business Prepared: Seek Legal Advice from a Business Attorney

Putting up a business in America's eighth largest city requires knowledge of and compliance with business laws, which a proficient San Diego business attorney can help you with. California corporate law stipulates some state requirements for the creation of a new company or business. Once you have complied with these, your business can be recognized as a juridical entity.

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Essential Legal Facts to Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney in Fresno

California stipulates that a person cannot be allowed to call for a judgment on dissolution of marriage within the State's jurisdiction unless the same has been a resident for at least six months. If you fall within this law, you can file your petition with the state superior court. These requirements are provided for in California Family Code sec. 200 and 2320, respectively.

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How Do I Get Someone Out of My Property When They Refuse To Leave?

Most of the time when someone is residing in a residence/commercial space as a tenant there is a lease or rental agreement in place. However, at times there may be neither. In these cases, the law will likely support a finding that the tenant is a month-to-month “tenant at will”.  This is the default category for tenancies not supported by a written lease agreement in which the occupying party was initially welcome on the premises.

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