Welcome to Webb Law Group, APC.

Webb Law Group, APC is a civil law firm with offices in both Fresno and San Diego, California with a heightened focus on dedicated, honest client service. Unlike other law firms, our attorneys provide honest, straightforward advice in order for our clients to clearly understand the options and solutions available to them and we never make promises we can’t keep.

Our core philosophy has always been to place client service above all else, and by doing so, we are rewarded by developing strong, lasting relationships with our clients. At Webb Law Group we believe that the primary duty of a business attorney is to be a creative problem solver – an advocate with specialized knowledge who can use his or her skills to restore justice when a person or company has been wronged.

Referral Based Law Firm

Our law firm has always relied heavily on a strong network of referrals from enthusiastically satisfied clients, rather than expensive advertising campaigns, to attract business. As a result, we are able to spend more time and money on serving our current clients and less time finding new ones. By providing superior client service, we ensure the continued growth of our referral network.

Specializing in Business Litigation and Employment Law, our law firm offers the services of a business lawyer that San Diego and Fresno residents can count onto represent their best interests in court. We make sure that our level of preparedness in every case is unprecedented and that we work towards achieving the kind of court settlement that you deserve.

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Please call us today for a confidential consultation. We happily accommodate potential clients that are unable to meet during standard business hours, so we offer both evening and weekend appointments. For more information click here.

Se Habla Español. Wir sprechen Deutsch. ਵੀ ਸ੍ਪੇਆਕ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (we speak Spanish, German and Punjabi)