Some of the most common cases we have here at Webb Law Group involve matters of breach of contract. When fraud is involved, the damages not only escalate financially, but also emotionally. It’s a stressful situation when you make an agreement with someone and they don’t fulfill their end of the bargain. When they intentionally deceive and try to take advantage of you, it can only make matters worse.

When a situation like this causes losses in excess of several thousand dollars, Webb Law Group should be your go-to law firm. In this particular case, our client suffered damages in excess of $300,000.

While actual names will be left out to protect the innocent and the guilty, this story is adapted from a real case handled by the team at Webb Law Group.


Our client was a personal lender who frequently loaned sums of money to business requiring equipment or services for which they did not immediately have funds. The facts in this case are as follows:

  • On or about the year 2014, the plaintiff (our client) entered into a secured promissory note with the defendant.
  • The defendant is the owner and operator of a company that needed farming equipment, for which was the purpose of entering his agreement with the plaintiff.
  • A few weeks before, the plaintiff received $40,000 as a down payment, but did not receive any further payments following.
  • The plaintiff made several attempts via telephone and email to obtain the money owed from the defendant but was not successful.
  • The remaining balance was $270,249.99 with an additional 10% interest as agreed in the secured promissory note.
  • The defendant had committed fraud and intentional deceit, in that he failed to disclose that he had no intention of ever paying back the debt and falsely gave the impression of being reliable.
  • The defendant made no reasonable efforts to remedy the situation or make payment arrangements.

Webb Law Group Resolves the Legal Matter

Thanks to the efforts of Webb Law Group, there was a default judgment entered in favor of our client, the plaintiff. The defendant was not only ordered to pay the unpaid balance of $270,249.99, but an additional 10% interest in the amount of $25,921.10 plus attorneys fees. There were also additional fees and costs added in the amount of $18,800.

When you have a strong attorney by your side in matters involving breach of contract and fraud, especially when the amount is over several thousand dollars, peace of mind and professionalism is key. With Webb Law Group by your side, you can count on both. While the outcome of a case is never guaranteed, choosing Webb Law Group to represent you is the first step in securing the most positive outcome possible for your case. With honesty, integrity, and a strong knowledge of California law, it’s very possible that representation by our firm can result in an outcome similar to the one detailed in this case. The time to take action in the future of your legal matters is now.

Finding a Professional California Business Attorney

Webb Law Group is a reputable business law firm with experience in matters involving California law, including handling breach of contract and fraud cases. Having a reputable attorney by your side for these matters will help give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome in your case. If you feel you need legal representation, we are happy to review your legal needs and provide consultation and support where necessary.

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