Lenden F. Webb is an experienced litigator and trial attorney with over 79 Jury trials, Bench trials and Arbitrations in 14 California counties spanning 201 days. Mr. Webb represents corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and their principals in a wide array of matters, including breach of contract, business and partnership disputes, bad faith insurance disputes, class actions, employment, creditor collection issues, general contract and business matters.

Mr. Webb received his law degree from California Western School of Law where he was a published member of Law Review. Before establishing his law office, Mr. Webb attained Junior Partner status just prior to entering his fourth year with the law firm of Wild, Carter & Tipton, APC. Mr. Webb serves as paneled mediator for two California County Superior Courts and as Judge Pro Tem for the Superior Court of California.

Lenden Webb obtained a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Redlands. He also finished the Honors curriculum while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Walla Walla University with minors in Religion and Business. Mr. Webb has been named to Super Lawyer lists by California Super Lawyers – Rising Stars® six (6) times between 2012 to 2020.



Mr. Webb has the honor of two published works, “International BBB a la eBay” in the California Western International Law Journal and “Brainstorming Meets Online Dispute Resolution” with the American Review of International Arbitration at Columbia Law School. In the Fall of 2010, Mr. Webb was honored by his alma mater in an article highlighting his accomplishments, “Raising the Bar.” (Links can be found below.)


Speaking Engagements

He has authored two courses for the Department of Professional Studies at National University: Mediation Fundamentals and Workplace Communication & Conflict Resolution.” He has served as both moderator and speaker on the subjects of Enforcing Judgments and Digital Media At Trial. He participated as a speaker and moderator at the National Business Institute’s “How to Get Your Social Media, Email and Text Evidence Admitted (and Keep Theirs Out)” seminar with attorneys and participants remarking Mr. Webb was the “best facilitator” they had ever seen. More recently, he spoke at the 2018 California Alliance of Paralegal Associations: “Advanced Litigation: Tips & Tricks for Collecting on Judgments” and the 2019 NBI Employment Seminar on Legal Issues for Employers.


Admissions, Travel & Languages

Mr. Webb, a member of the San Diego County Bar Association, is admitted and has practiced law in the State of California, the United States Supreme Court and the United States District Courts for the Central, Southern and Eastern Districts of California, the District of Colorado, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. He is a member of the Fresno and San Diego County Bar Associations and the American Bar Association.

Mr. Webb has studied abroad extensively in Spain, South America and the South Pacific and speaks conversational Spanish. During his free time, Mr. Webb enjoys spending active time with his kids.


Sample Case Results:

Rutledge v. AMERIGUARD – Defense verdict after bench trial in San Diego Class Action. $4,200,000 at issue. Selected by Westlaw for San Diego County Bar Association’s “Trial of the Month”

ROSENBAUM v Automotive Funding – 5 Week Jury trial in consolidated Orange County superior court case with 7-digit award including a jury award of punitives for underlying class action matter.

Save Mart v GARCIAS PALLETS: 85% reduction in plaintiff’s demand to Merced Jury.

Civil Litigation – Has handled matters at all stages of litigation. Over 79 jury and bench trials. Well over 600 depositions. Heavier trial years include 14 weeks of trials in 2013 alone, and 6 trials to verdict during 2017. Mr. Webb and his team regularly handles trade secret disputes, unfair business practices, including Intellectual Property matters and duty of loyalty issues.

Administrative Complaints – Exhausted administrative remedies with Board of Equalization including a 2-3 split decision in a live hearing with the Sacramento BOE representatives in full session, filed suit in Superior Court afterwards against BOE and settled for 6% of the amount demanded by the BOE.

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation – The Webb Law Group team obtained indemnification & attorney fees for over $350,000 where the insurance company had denied the request to indemnify for client who had four prior law firms.

Judgment Enforcement – Obtained “no-knock” warrants directing sheriff to break and enter commercial business for seizure of private property in order to satisfy 6-digit judgment. Teaches Judgment Enforcement and handles stable of enforcement clients for commercial (non-consumer) collection issues in business-to-business arena.


Links to Selected Publications:

Brainstorming Meets Online Dispute Resolution
American Review of International Arbitration, Columbia Law School

International BBB a la eBay
International Law Journal, California Western School of Law

Raising the Bar” (Interview)
Westwind Journal, Walla Walla University”

Avvo Profile

San Diego CA Lawsuits and Disputes Lawyers


Key Points:

  1. Know what you specialize in and become a master of that skill.
  2. If you do not specialize in something and need assistance in that line of the law, recruit someone who does.

Key Points:

  1. Checklists help you organize the thought process, especially in complicated situations.
  2. Checklists help you grow and better yourself and your skillset.

Key Points:

  1. “Settlement is a beautiful thing.” It requires a lawsuit to be filed.
  2. Without a lawsuit, you have nothing more than a breach of agreement.
  3. “Shoot first, ask questions later.” Take action.

Key Points:

  1. At our firm, we focus on litigation. However, we have a staff member who specializes in corporate compliance. We make a fair assessment of individual liabilities even though you’re doing business as a corporation.

Key Points:

  1. “I encourage any client to strongly consider the use of email with your attorney.”
  2. Emailing your attorney “provides accountability, clarity, and also, the natural byproduct to this is cost savings for the client.”
  3. Emailing “gives some clients time for reflection and to make sure their questions are clear and well worded, as a result, clients are saving money because they are sending better questions in a more well thought out manner.”

Key Points:

  1. “We can practice in the State of California in any county and have an assurance that the law is going to be interpreted in a similar fashion regardless of which judge you are in front of.”
  2. “When clients come to me and ask ‘Can you handle a matter in another county’ well the fact of the matter is, I am going to handle that matter the same as I would handle a matter in any county because California’s laws are statewide.”
  3. “The processes and technology are such that you can have confidence that you are going to be taken care of regardless of which county your matter is in.”

Key Points:

  1. “The law is a changing and moving target.”
  2. “There is a 60% window…that cases are always between and so I would give my client my best estimate where they are at in that window.”
  3. “We will help you make carefully balance decisions that you can afford.”

Key Points:

  1. “The challenge with litigation is that there are two sides to the story.”
  2. “We do our best to educate and to make sure we have the facts from [clients] in order to dispel any concerns or questions from the beginning of litigation.”
  3. “As far as managing costs, we have a team that is bottom heavy, instead of having a litigation firm with a lot of attorneys billing between $200 and $300 an hour, we have a lot of [college graduates] who have have applied for and been accepted into law school, who are almost attorneys, who are billing at usually a fourth of the rate as an attorney.”

Key Points:

  1. “Clients often ask at the beginning of litigation, ‘Shouldn’t we file a demur or motion to strike’ the challenge is, in a motion to strike or demur at the early stages the pleadings are taken as if everything said in the complaint is true and you can not bring in extrinsic evidence to argue or change what has been pled.”
  2. “Motions to strike and demurs should only be filed, in my mind…, if there is  a dispositive claim.”
  3. “If there is not a dispositive claim, all you do is educate the opposing side because leave to amend is freely granted.”

Key Points:

  1. “There are risks in both hourly and contingency cases.”
  2. “From a plaintiff’s point of view, you can choose to do a hybrid of the two, where the client pays a percentage of our hourly rate and the firm has an interest in the outcome.”
  3. “With this approach, there is a mutualistic relationship where the client has a vested interest and the attorney has a vested interest.”

Key Points:

  1. A big motivator in lawsuits is expense. Be sure to get value for the attorney’s fees invested.


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