Lenden F. Webb
Lenden F. WebbManaging Shareholder
Lenden F. Webb is an experienced litigator and trial attorney with over 79 Jury trials, Bench trials and Arbitrations in 14 California counties spanning 201 days.
Brooke B. Nevels
Brooke B. NevelsSenior Associate Attorney
Brooke Baquial Nevels is a Senior Associate Attorney with Webb Law Group, APC. Ms. Nevels has been with Webb Law Group since 2013.
Christopher E. Nichols
Christopher E. NicholsAssociate Attorney
Christopher E. Nichols represents employers and employees involved in class action lawsuits, breach of contract disputes, and various other business-related matters.
Alyssa B. Rankin
Alyssa B. RankinAssociate Attorney
Alyssa B. Rankin represents corporations, partnerships, and individuals involved in real property disputes, breach of contract claims, and various other business-related matters.
Christian B. Clark
Christian B. ClarkAssociate Attorney
Ramona Sole Suchomel
Ramona Sole SuchomelAssociate Attorney
Katherine E. Cervantes
Katherine E. CervantesAssociate Attorney

Paralegals and Assistants

Tyler C. Ballesteros
Tyler C. BallesterosSenior Paralegal
Chandler R. Gietzen
Chandler R. GietzenSenior Paralegal
Nicole E. Rickerd
Nicole E. RickerdParalegal
Megan Abercrombie
Megan AbercrombieParalegal
Marisela A. Allen
Marisela A. AllenOffice Coordinator
Tirena M. Raymond
Tirena M. RaymondOffice Assistant
Lizbeth Villar Aguirre
Lizbeth Villar AguirreLegal Assistant
Mary G. Chow
Mary G. ChowLegal Assistant
Lauren A. Mincer
Lauren A. MincerLegal Assistant
Adelle L. Hammarsten
Adelle L. HammarstenLegal Assistant
Valerie E. Bright
Valerie E. BrightLegal Assistant
Lourdes L. Escalante
Lourdes L. EscalanteOffice Assistant
Casey L. McGee
Casey L. McGeeOffice Assistant
Tonya C. Adams
Tonya C. AdamsStaff Manager

Law Clerks

Gracie H. Pachie
Gracie H. Pachie Law Clerk
Raza N. Khan
Raza N. KhanLaw Clerk
Jordan E. Thomas
Jordan E. ThomasLaw Clerk
Emma L. Dyre
Emma L. DyreLaw Clerk
Jacob A. Mendes
Jacob A. MendesLaw Clerk
Sydney E. Becker
Sydney E. BeckerLaw Clerk
Peter W. Tarantino
Peter W. TarantinoLaw Clerk

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