The best time to prepare for a business lawsuit is before you have been sued or the need arises to file a lawsuit against someone or a business. There are several ways to survive a business lawsuit after the process has started, but remembering to be proactive in all that you do before the process even begins is the most important step in ensuring your best chances at a successful outcome for yourself and your business.

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Keep Track of Your Work

Organization is the key to success. Keep a detailed calendar of everything that you do. In matters involving a breach of contract, having a detailed record of where you were or where your company was and when, as well as detailed logs of all the work that was done can mean the difference between a win and a loss. A good record should describe whom you were with, what work was done, when it was done, and where it was done. This may not seem crucial until you arrive in court and a date is brought up for which you have no record. For all you know, your opposition could be telling an outright lie, but without any documentation, you don’t have a leg to stand on. This is why tracking everything you do is essential to building a strong case.

Record Your Conversations

Recording your conversations doesn’t mean you have to be carrying a voice recorder on you at all times, it simply means taking notes during conversations you have with other individuals that you do business with. Not only will you feel more confident in court when describing situations and what was said between you and others, but also jurors and judges tend to look more favorably upon note carrying witnesses, whether they represent the defendant or the plaintiff. Individuals who simply claim to remember everything are looked at with suspicion not just due to their overconfidence, but the fact that simply going off of memory is hardly ever fully reliable.

Keep Everything; Old, New, and Replaced

In business law, intent often becomes a matter of vital importance. Being able to deduce what that intent was may not always be clear, but sometimes can be found in original documents that were older, added to, or replaced entirely. It’s important to keep track of all documents, even if a newer copy later replaces them. Keep the original, as it may show intent and be useful in a business lawsuit.

Prepare Everything Properly for Your Attorney

Organizing everything for your attorney is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, the less time an attorney has to spend sorting through disorganized paperwork, the more quickly your case can be handled, solutions can be found, and typically the lower the cost of your representation. Also, having organized case documents shows that you are serious, and will strengthen the attorney’s confidence in you as a client and the strength of your case. Finally, organization will make you personally feel better about the strength of your case and your potential of winning it. The feeling of control you get from simply being organized will make you stand taller, speak prouder, and feel more ready for any situation you may encounter in court.

In your organization, a good outline of your case should present a few things for your attorney. To start, you should describe in detail all the individuals involved in your case. You must outline their role in the case and things they may say or do to help your case, if you plan to call on them as witnesses, or harm your case, in the event they are on the other side and what might be necessary to consider for cross-examination. In addition, you will want to ensure you have a good timeline of events listed in chronological order that strongly supports with facts your position in the case. Your timeline should include everything listed previously, including, but not limited to, a detailed calendar, notes from any conversations had, signed documents, and any other evidence you may have to support your case. Purchase a binder and organize your documents with page tabs. You would be surprised at what a difference little things like this make not just for your attorney and his or her impression of you, but their impression of your case as well. All these things being said, good presentation can actually win your case.

Hiring a Professional Business Litigation Attorney

Preparing yourself in advance before visiting your attorney is definitely recommended, but there are situations where you may need advice, such as if you don’t know what documents will help your case, or if you need help organizing some elements of your case. Sometimes it’s hard to know which witnesses to call for your case as well, but your attorney can help you answer all of these questions and advise you on the direction you should take to ensure the best possible chance at a victory in your case.

The first step is choosing a highly respected, reputable attorney that will put in hours to ensure your case is given the best possible representation and care. Fortunately, there is a dedicated law firm ready to stand with you. The Webb & Bordson Law Group is here to help.

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