Here at Webb and Bordson, APC we hope that you never have to go through the pain of a business dispute litigation process. On that note, we want to give you some handy and valuable business tips that may keep you and your business out of the court system or may give you a speedy resolution if you have a dispute arise.

Here is an article on a recent business litigation case between Coca Cola and POM.

Webb and Bordson, APC, can provide further discussion and implementation of these tips to you.

1. Keep Good Detailed Records

Although we live in a technical world today, some business is still done through phone calls. While this method gives you a speedy mode of communication, the problem is, any business discussed on the phone has no paper trail. Make it a practice and a point to follow up every single cell phone transaction, approval, or denial with an email recap of the business conversation.

If your phone calls discuss the poor performance of an employee, business in general, or contractor, this follow up email should be communicated as soon as possible. Always recap and always have a solid paper trail for the safety of you and your business. Keep and file carefully all contracts, amendments, receipts, legal paperwork, and business documentation. Ideally you would have an employee who solely handles the company paper trail.

2. Provide the Appropriate Insurance

Insurance is one of the first things you need to explore when you consider opening a business. You should see us at Webb and Bordson, APC to review your needs and different insurance options.

You will need insurance for the actual storefront, insurance for your employees, insurance to protect your dealings, malpractice insurance, and insurance to protect you from other company issues that may spill over onto your business. S
If your business utilizes and owns a company car, van, or truck, you will then need to have coverage for the vehicles and the drivers. The world of corporate business insurance is very complex, and you do not want to leave any part of it to chance. If you don’t currently have business insurance or aren’t too sure about what you should get, then you should go look at or other similar sites, to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

3. Structure the Corporation Correctly and Carefully

A business does not just build itself overnight. A lot of thought and planning have to go into the structure of your business. You need to consider your goals, your employee job descriptions, the number of employees you will have, employee schedules, your business building, your pay and federal rules concerning employee pay, the cost of start up, and then the cost of operation. Insurance, operational supplies, computer and cell phone needs, service and support personnel are all also valid and important considerations. You need a professional consultation and legal advisor to merge all these needs in an efficient and legal fashion.

4. Have Properly and Well-Defined Risk Management Policies

Risk management has to be in place before you need it for your business. It should not be a bandage, but instead be an existing and constant force that comes when called. In order to consider your risk management needs, your business has to be evaluated from top to bottom. Risk management is personally developed and applied before the business start-up actually occurs. A legal business expert such as Webb and Bordson, APC must be a part of your team.

5. Carefully Read All Documents before Signing

Carefully reading all business documents before signing them seems like a given, but what if you do not understand the legal lingo that is used in the documents. Do not just think you understand the papers. Signing the wrong paper could literally take down your company.

This could also have a detrimental impact if the documents are later retrieved through an electronic discovery process and used in legal proceedings. You can learn more about the importance of the electronic discovery process in litigation proceedings by heading to the Digital WarRoom website.

If you work with our team members, they can help you dissect, understand, and make the decision on whether to sign or not sign the document. The document may simply need a few adjustments or changing of words to be acceptable, but if you do not understand what the paperwork really says, you could be in trouble. Cover your bases when it comes to your documents.

6. Stop Thinking That a Crisis Will Solve itself and Just Disappear

If your approach to a crisis is to bury your head in the sand and ignore it, you may want to seriously ponder whether owning a business is the correct move for you or not. As the owner of the business, it is your job to recognize a crisis, evaluate the crisis, begin to take measures to stop the crisis, hire the right people to unravel and repair the damage from the crisis, and then to decide how to proceed after the crisis.

You are in charge of the business and running from a crisis will not get you very far or create much success for you and your business. Having a strong legal team who know you and know the business is an imperative component for your business when a crisis develops.

7. Be Likable and Personable

Your employees need to know that you care about them, that you respect them, and that you appreciate their talents. Not taking care of your employees in a likeable and personable manner could result in frequent job turn over, lack of commitment to the job and company, frequent call in for absences and arriving late to work, and dropped assignments.

If you want your employees to care about your business and to work in a dedicated fashion, you need to approach each and every one of them in a likeable and personable way, no matter how bad or good your day might be going. Your employees are the heartbeat of your company.

Our business litigation attorneys at Webb and Bordson, APC gladly offer these valuable tips to you and want you to know that they will gladly handle these business concerns (Click here to learn about business partnerships on our blog). For peace of mind and professional care, they are the team you should turn to for help. Give them a call today!

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