If you are going through a divorce and find yourself in need of an attorney in Fresno, CA with knowledge and understanding of California family law, then you have found the correct law firm.

At Webb Law Group, APC, our family lawyer is are dedicated to providing prompt, professional, and personal service to our clients’ most important legal needs in all areas of family law. Our office provides personal attention to each client’s unique situations to help determine the most appropriate course of action for the best possible outcome.

The powerful legal representation our clients receive along with the sincere concern our attorneys have for our client’s well being and families is unrivaled.

How We Can Be of Help

In the beautiful state of California, unfortunately the divorce rate is approaching 75%. This means that out of every 4 couples who walk down the aisle, 3 of them will end in divorce. This also means that there is a high probability that most couples will eventually seek the help of a divorce attorney to help with their divorce matters.

Parties have the option to represent themselves in a divorce. However this is not the most viable option as, dissolving a marriage is never easy and the process may feel overwhelming and confusing, especially when children and finances are at stake. Moreover, before foregoing the assistance of an attorney, both parties should be fully aware of their responsibilities as well as fully acquainted with the process of divorce in their state.

Hiring the right attorney for your situation is an important choice that will affect both the results and the sensitive process of divorce. With our help, we can provide creative solutions to ensure this difficult process is as stress free as possible.

Our firm has one objective in mind: protect our clients’ interests and work with them through every step of this difficult process. We are committed to providing each and every client the best quality legal services at affordable rates. We are devoted to helping clients through difficult times. Every case is important and we never take our clients’ trust for granted.

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