Webb Law group proudly takes you inside a real case that was handled by our firm. While names have been omitted for privacy purposes, we will approach the matter of a wage and hour dispute within the context of this real case. We will provide a segue from legal problem to the current status of the case, with the strong support of Webb Law Group’s team of attorneys and staff.


In this case, the plaintiffs have filed a complaint for failure to pay overtime wage, non-payment of wages, failure to pay wages when due, unlawful and unfair business practices, and failure to provide rest breaks. The facts of this case are as follows:

  • The plaintiffs worked as employees for the defendant, a company for women’s clothing and accessories. They worked as various positions, including Sales Lead and Manager.
  • The defendant only permitted the plaintiffs to work for a specified amount of hours, and put them under strict policies that restricted overtime.
  • Plaintiffs often had to work longer hours than the shifts that the defendant permitted in order to ensure that their work was completed. Because there were repercussions for stores exceeding the predetermined weekly hours allotted by the defendant, the plaintiffs would have to forfeit their overtime hours.
  • Often times, the defendant required its manager to attend telephonic conference calls at home. The plaintiff had to take part in these calls from home quite frequently but was never compensated for doing so.
  • The defendant required bag checks to be performed by the plaintiffs, but failed to compensate them properly for them. For example, on multiple occasions, the store’s manager would have to perform bag checks on other employees that were leaving the building, despite having already been clocked off.
  • Each of the plaintiffs were frequently required to attend “bench lunches” with other staff members, which required them to clock off and remain at the store during these times. Moreover, the plaintiffs did not receive their proper meal breaks.
  • On multiple occasions every week, for the vast majority of their employment with the defendant, the plaintiffs failed to receive their due rest period breaks.
  • The defendant’s conduct was willful, intentional, and not in good faith.

Webb Law Group Takes Action on the Legal Matter

The plaintiffs have retained Webb Law Group in this matter, and are in the process of a lawsuit against the defendant for the infractions listed above. Webb Law Group has extensive experience as a business law firm handling wage and labor disputes, and is working to redress the injustices inflicted upon its clients by the defendant.

The clients are happy to be having this matter resolved by Webb Law Group.

Finding a Professional California Business Attorney

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