Have you obtained a Judgment against a Defendant who is either located in another state or whose assets are located outside of California? OR Do you have a judgment from another state that you are trying to enforce in California with no results?

Are you worrying that you may never collect against such a Judgment Debtor?

Relax, our office can help!

Domesticated or “Sister-State” Judgment  A Judgment enforced in a state other than the state where the Judgement was entered is referred to as  a “Sister-State” or “Domesticated” Judgment.  Such judgments will need to be enforced under the laws of the state where the Judgment Debtor and/or Judgment Debtor’s property and assets are located.

Domesticating the Judgment, even if you do not believe the Judgment is enforceable is always a good idea.

Consider the following two (2) scenarios:

Scenario No. 1:          Our office obtained a Judgment in California against a Georgia entity.  The entity happened to be judgment proof, but held a substantial amount of real and personal property in Georgia and Florida.  We were able to secure a lien on the real and personal property by registering the California Judgment in Florida and Georgia.  A lien on property essentially places the public on notice that there is a Judgment against the Judgment Debtor and that the debt will need to be satisfied in order for lien to be removed from the property. In the event the real or personal property is ever sold, the Judgment Creditor’s debt will be satisfied.

Scenario No. 2:          Our office obtained a large settlement against a New York corporation, who was registered to do business in California.  Shortly after the entry of Judgment, the corporation abandoned its California registration and pulled up stakes here in California.  Our office has successfully registered the California Judgment in the state of New York, and is working with a local attorney to conduct discovery and investigation into the assets of the Judgment Debtor to collect the debt.

Domesticating Your Sister-State Judgment in CaliforniaIf you have an out of state judgment that needs to be enforced against a California resident, or the property and assets are located inside the state of California, our office is ready and available to assist you.

We have had a long history of success enforcing judgments here in California. We are familiar with all California Superior Courts, as well as Federal District Courts.  We have a strong staff and network with process servers and court reporters all over the state of California.  We are an aggressive team and will utilize a variety of techniques to enforce your California Judgment. We can assist you in collecting your judgment by performing the following: Debtor’s Examinations, Bank Levies, Right to Attach Orders, Assignment of Rights Orders, Till Taps, and many other techniques.

Call on our office today to assist you in enforcing your domesticated judgment.

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