Managing Partner Lenden F. Webb: “Webb Law Group, APC’s attorneys represent commercial domain name registrants in portfolio protection matters, trademark infringement threat letters and litigation. Our understanding of cyber squatting and trademark law ensures that our litigation techniques are not only advanced but comprehensive and cost-effective.  Our firm also engages in complex litigation under both the Lanham Act, UDRP and the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act.  Our attorneys exemplify the ability to strategically and efficiently achieve our client’s goals.”

In today’s world, domain name disputes have become commonplace. While some cyber squatting and trademark infringement allegations are genuine, many are not. If you have received a threatening letter demanding that you surrender your domain name or have been named as a Respondent in an ACPA or UDRP/ICANN proceeding, our experienced domain name dispute attorneys can assist you.  Your invaluable domain names and domain name portfolios need to be safeguarded from wrongful allegations and the experienced attorneys of Webb Law Group, APC can help.

If you are facing a domain name dispute based on trademark rights or desire an evaluation of your domain portfolio for trademark issues, you may contact one of Webb Law Group, APC’s attorneys via our website at