WEBB LAW GROUP, APC, is currently pursuing a proposed class action against Coast Dental Services, Inc., dba Smilecare. Consumers who received dental services from the above named companies may be eligible to join in a class action lawsuit.

SmilecareCoast Dental Services, Inc., purchased Smilecare in 2012. In California, there are approximately 11 Coast Dental Services locations and 46 Smilecare locations. It is common practice and policy of the above named companies to enroll consumers in a Treatment Plan, requiring substantial deposits. Upon termination of the Treatment Plan, cancellation of services, or completion, many consumers are left with a credit balance on their accounts.  Instead of returning the remaining balance to the consumer, these companies refuse to do so and instead keep the money for themselves.

California consumers have complained, and are still complaining, about these companies’ deceitful practices. Hundreds of complaints were and are posted on Internet websites detailing consumers’ dissatisfaction with these companies’ refund policy.

These companies’ refusal to provide refunds when due are alleged in this class action to be unfair business practices and a violation of consumer rights.

For more information on this class action lawsuit, or if you feel you have been improperly denied a refund by a dental company, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our class action attorneys.