When you applied for your job how many forms did you sign? Often times employers force applicants to sign a multitude of forms that allow employers access to an employee’s personal and private information.

A recent trend of employers is to include language in one of their many forms which authorizes them to obtain consumer reports on you, including criminal background checks, credit checks, and other similar reports. Most applicants sign these forms without realizing that their potential employer has violated their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. But what is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) states that an employer “may not procure a consumer report, or cause a consumer report to be procured, for employment purposes with respect to any consumer unless” it is made clearly and conspicuously in a document that solely consists of the disclosure. This means that if you did not sign one single form that requested your consumer report then the employer has violated your rights under the FCRA.

What can you do if you think your rights have been violated under the FCRA? Webb Law Group, APC, together with Olsen Law Offices, APC, are currently pursuing a proposed class action on behalf of employees and applicants who applied for employment and whose consumer report was obtained by their employer or potential employer without appropriate disclosure from the employer that the consumer report may be obtained and without obtaining a valid, signed authorization form prior to obtaining these reports.

If you feel that your rights under the FCRA were violated when you were applying for employment you may be eligible to join this class action. For more information on how to join this class action lawsuit please contact our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our employment class action attorneys.