Webb Law Group, APC together with Olsen Law Offices, APC, is no longer pursuing a proposed class action on behalf of consumers who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active smartphone. There were allegations from various parties that Samsung falsely advertised their Galaxy S5 Active, among other things.

Samsung advertised its galaxy S5 Active as being “[e]ngineered for your active lifestyle,” going as far as saying that the Galaxy S5 Actives is both shock resistant from a drop onto a flat surface of less than 4 feet and water resistant in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Some Galaxy S5 Active owners have claimed they were unaware that the actual shock and water resistance was far less than advertised capabilities of their devices.

Various parties had alleged that the Galaxy S5 Actives have an inherent design and/or manufacturing defect. This defect was alleged to cause the phone to shatter when dropped from areas significantly lower than 4 feet. Moreover, this defect was alleged to cause the Galaxy S5 Actives to breakdown when submerged in far less than the advertised 3 feet of water and less than the advertised 30 minutes.

For more information on this class action lawsuit, or if you feel your Samsung Galaxy S5 Active was purchased under the pretense of false advertising, please contact a different law office for a consultation as unfortunately Webb & Bordson is not pursuing this issue at this time.