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Pena v. Dey aka The Post-it Note Case

In a recent California Court of Appeal case, a beneficiary, the individual for whom a trust is created, attempted to have a signed Post-it note attached to handwritten interlineations on a trust deemed sufficient to amend the trust.  While the Court acknowledged that a signed Post-it note may be sufficient in [...]

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Understanding Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in a person’s best interest, due to the nature of the relationship with that person. California law recognizes that there are relationships wherein one party places their trust and confidence in another, and that said relationships need to be regulated to ensure each party acts fairly and honestly.

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California Trust Litigation

Trust litigation cases can be some of the most emotionally draining cases you’ll encounter in a court room; comparable to divorce and/or child custody cases. The reason trust litigation can be such an uncomfortable case to take on, especially without an attorney, is the fact that it most commonly involves a breach of trust amongst members of a family following the death of a loved one.

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Child Custody Law in California

Navigating the labyrinth of information related to child custody law, no matter what the state, can be confusing. In regards to child custody, California has its own individual state laws and regulations. Knowing what those laws and regulations are, and how to prepare for a child custody case, is crucial in [...]

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Child Custody Basics

A divorce is a difficult and complex matter. Splitting up possessions and breaking up a home is not easy (check out this infographic about divorce in America). There are many important decisions to be made during the dissolution process. You should always consult your legal team to make sure you are [...]

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Divorce In America

Here at Webb & Bordson, APC we specialize in several areas of law.  Divorce and family law is one of our specialties.  We recently created this infographic to inform our readers about divorce statistics in America. Check it out and feel free to share: Feel free to embed this infographic on [...]

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For many people, there is a common misconception that child support ceases to exist on the child's 18th birthday.  This is simply not the case.  Absent an agreement by the parents or an incapacitated adult child, the statutory child support duty normally terminates when the child reaches age 19 or completes high school, which ever occurs first.

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Essential Legal Facts to Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney in Fresno

California stipulates that a person cannot be allowed to call for a judgment on dissolution of marriage within the State's jurisdiction unless the same has been a resident for at least six months. If you fall within this law, you can file your petition with the state superior court. These requirements are provided for in California Family Code sec. 200 and 2320, respectively.

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