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The law offices of Webb Law Group, APC have helped over 1,000 clients from California, other states and international clients resolve their legal issues. Our  litigation lawyers have handled a wide variety of legal disputes that arise in litigation such as breach of contract, fraud, trade secrets, judgment enforcement, property disputes, unlawful detainers, class action lawsuits, corporate formation and counsel, employment disputes, insurance disputes and more.

Designed to Meet Expectations – Webb Law Group, APC is high on the recommendation list of previous clients thanks to our ability to deliver valuable insights and a sophisticated understanding of each business. We make aggressive and creative responses to a wide variety of challenges.

Talented San Diego Business Litigation Attorneys – Our innovative professionals possess a high degree of technical skill and a passion for providing the best advice possible to businesses in California and beyond. We understand what’s at stake and the challenges that clients face. Our lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law allowing for focused representation and a thorough resolution of legal issues. 

Competitive Rates – We offer payment plans and hybrid contingency payment programs that allow both the lawyer and the client to have a vested interest in winning their claims 

Versatility – We have an exceptional track record that involves a comprehensive array of legal challenges. We partner with our clients to understand the immediate and long-term needs, allowing us to deliver a legal strategy that is especially designed to meet the company’s best interests. 

Whether it be for business litigation or employment law, we are committed to ensuring that choosing us poses a powerful advantage for your organization. 

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The knowledge and experience of our attorneys work greatly to our client’s benefit. We are committed to results and willing to spend as much time as needed to bring our clients the most favorable outcome in their case.

For more information on how our law firm can help you resolve your disputes, contact our office in Fresno or San Diego and make an appointment to meet with us on a no obligation consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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    Fresno Branch

    466 W. Fallbrook,
    Suite 102
    Fresno, CA 93711
    P: (559) 431-4888
    F: (559) 821-4500

    San Diego Branch

    10509 Vista Sorrento Pkwy.,
    Suite 430
    San Diego, CA 92121
    P: (619) 399-7700
    F: (619) 819-8400

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