Every day, businesses commit unfair practices that cause customers and clients inconvenience and some minor financial expense. For example, an online retailer might guarantee three-day shipping on all its products, but routinely takes four days to get the product to the customer because doing so saves money. Say a customer orders a pair of socks from this retailer hoping to wear them three days later (as the site promises will be possible), only to receive them a day late.

This dissatisfied customer is unlikely to take any legal action because it’s simply not worth it. However, by inducing customers with the promise of three-day shipping, while saving money on slower shipping rates, the seller is fraudulently making millions of dollars at its customers’ expenses. In cases like this, a class action can be initiated, combining every victim’s damages in order to make the matter triable. In cases where the fraudulent behavior is found to be willful, punitive damages may be awarded, allowing plaintiffs to recover damages exceeding the actual cost incurred by the fraudulent behavior.

Webb Law Group, APC  has class action lawyers who specialize in creating classes of harmed individuals in order to bring actions against businesses taking advantage of their customers. And since we are experts at litigating class actions on behalf of plaintiffs, we know exactly what to expect when we represent defendants in class action cases.

Unlike most class action law firms in San Diego or Fresno, we have no sworn allegiance to one side of the law – plaintiff or defendant – but instead select cases based on their respective facts and merits. Through our experience of successfully litigating class actions from both sides, our firm has developed an intimate understanding of the intricacies of developing and trying class actions, while readily anticipating our opposition’s next moves.

For more information on how our attorneys can help with your class action disputes, contact our offices in either San Diego or Fresno and speak with our class action attorneys today.

If you have an employment class action lawsuit, find out more information about our San Diego employment attorneys here.


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