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Webb law is a good group of lawyers, and they help people who need it. They are very friendly and help you a lot with whatever you need for your lawsuit. They keep you informed on what happens in your case and help you with any questions. They got me a settlement 3 times as much as the initial offer!
Cristian Terrones
I had a good experience with the lawyers, I am satisfied with the work they did. They helped me with my work affair and worked it out on my behalf. They helped me understand my case and my rights. They treated me very well. I would recommend these lawyers who are super good!
Jesus Carrillo

At Webb Law Group, the attorneys can win your case. Lenden Webb was kind, and he explained my case and rights in a way that was easy for me to understand. I was part of a group of plaintiffs trying to get our wages back. My original offer was less than $1,000, and I ended up getting over $30,000 because of Lenden Webb.

Pedro Hernandez

Kayla is Mr. Webb’s Managing Paralegal, and she personally met with me at our first meeting. Kayla understood my case from the beginning and considered my personal circumstances into the deal. I am blown away by her experience and great personable and professional manners.

Jesse Onbirback

I am a Southern California real estate broker and investor who was recently in need of a real estate attorney in Northern California. I was referred to and then retained Brooke Nevels of the Lenden Webb law group to represent me in a specific performance lawsuit. I found Brooke and the Webb Law group as a whole to be professional, and cost efficient. They were able to resolve the matter fairly quickly, only billing for what was absolutely needed. Having previously used several different real estate attorneys in different parts of the state I found Brooke and her firm’s cost and fees more then fair without sacrificing any professionalism. I would definitely use their firm in the future should the need arise and or would refer them without hesitation to my closest friends and family.


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