“Trial lawyer” and “litigator” are often interchanged as though they mean the same thing. A litigator may be a great trial lawyer, and a trial lawyer may also be a great litigator. However, there are differences in the terminology.

A litigator specializes in taking action against people and organizations. In the context of a case, however, litigators address the big picture. A litigator will take an entire case from start to finish. Litigators do the prep work, including pretrial motions and filing, and see the case through to the end: the courtroom.

Litigators are very useful because if you have no clue how to initiate a case or prepare your defense, they can walk you through and handle the entire process. Quality litigators are great negotiators too. Litigators can help you negotiate a reasonable settlement so that a case doesn’t have to go to trial. This is beneficial regardless of whether you are on the plaintiff or defense side. You can either negotiate a reasonable settlement that satisfies your needs as a plaintiff or protects you from a detrimental outcome at trial if you are defending.

Some trial lawyers, on the other hand, simply handle the trial portion. The initial pretrial steps of litigation are already completed. Oral discovery and deposition have been finished. Written discover has been propounded and responded to. Paperwork is already filed. The mediation and arbitration process, if applicable, has already passed.

Case management conferences, mandatory settlement conferences, motions to compel, and written and oral discovery are all but memories. You are now ready for a judge or jury to take control. You’re going to court and need someone to represent you. Professional trial lawyers excel in the courtroom and take your case head-on against the opposing side. Some trial lawyers are also litigators, others save themselves for the courtroom only and let someone else, such as a paralegal, handle the pretrial work.

In the case of Webb Law Group, we offer both. If you need a litigator, we utilize paralegals and other case workers to handle the pretrial work, along with oversight by our lead attorneys. This helps keep costs as affordable as possible while allowing attorneys to be prepared to handle cases should they need to take it all the way to the courtroom. On the other hand, we also work as trial lawyers exclusively if required.

Some benefits to working exclusively with a trial lawyer will be outlined in this article.


Cost is a huge factor in why many individuals involved in a legal case simply choose to hire a trial attorney. If they are experienced in filing the pretrial paperwork themselves, or have assistance with that part of the job, they may choose to only hire an attorney to finish the job in the courtroom.

If you have the experience or resources to handle the pretrial work, hiring Webb Law Group exclusively as a trial attorney can be a cost-effective way to approach your case.


When hiring a trial attorney, you are hiring an attorney that knows their way around a courtroom. They excel in the high-stress environment of a courtroom that is completely different from the safety of an office where the pretrial motions are filed. They are able to present a case well in real time, know how to respectfully address the judge and their opponent(s), and most importantly, they know the law and how to present it alongside the evidence.

Webb Law Group’s attorneys are all experienced in litigation from start to finish, but we manage our paralegals, law clerks, assistants, and the rest of our staff effectively to handle your case. When utilized exclusively as trial attorneys, our attorneys are just as comfortable in the courtroom as they are overseeing the pretrial case work.


Sometimes you simply just don’t need an attorney to oversee the entirety of your case. Part of the case may have already been handled by another party. Perhaps you didn’t expect a case to go to trial and suddenly you need a trial attorney when you didn’t think you’d need one. Maybe you expected the other party to be reasonable during the mediation and arbitration phase and the “reality check” still hasn’t come.

In any case, sometimes a trial attorney is just needed to finish the job even if it was started by someone else. Whether you need a litigator or a trial attorney, Webb Law Group can help.

Are You Seeking a Trial Attorney or Litigator?

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a legal case, Webb Law Group can assist you. Our law firm has years of experience dealing with business litigation matters including working as both litigators or simply trial attorneys. We are happy to review your case and advise you on how we can help and what to do next.

With over 80 trials, arbitrations, and administrative hearings, Webb Law Group is a reputable business law firm with experience in matters involving California Law, including handling business litigation matters. Having a reputable attorney by your side for these matters will help give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome in your case. If you feel you need legal representation, we are happy to review your legal needs and provide consultation and support where necessary. For questions, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at (559) 431-4888 (Fresno) or (619) 399-7700 (San Diego).