The following is a transcription of the news report coverage by NBC San Diego on the Cample Pendleton mold crisis. It was first aired on December 23rd, 2019.

“2 Marine Families Sue Over High Levels of Mold in Military Housing”

Two San Diego military families say there is mold inside their military housing. NBC 7’s Jackie Crea is here to tell their fight to hold the property management company accountable for the problem.

Skin rashes, lung infections… an eight-year-old’s fight with neurological damage. Doctors say it was all caused by dangerous mold two local families say a military housing company allowed to grow in their home over the span of several years. Now those families are suing the property management company in charge of housing all US Marines in the country.

“He started having a harder time focusing in school and we didn’t make the connection. He started having severe eczema flare-ups in the crooks of his arms.”

That is what Valerie Clover saw in her then six-year-old son shortly after moving into their home on Camp Pendleton. She’d already complained to Lincoln Military Property Management after her and her husband noticed mold on the windowsills and a leak in the kitchen, but they say Lincoln failed to act. Now her family is suing the company for putting them at risk. The Clovers’ lawsuit is now the 2nd filed in the past two weeks over mold at Camp Pendleton housing.

“They would come out and they would either tighten something or they would spray bleach on the wood and the drywall and then they would say that it was completed.”

But for Jason and Valerie Clover, the issue was far from over. In fact, it was just the beginning.

“He was in little league. My husband was the coach, and all of the sudden our son was a completely different child.”

The Clovers say that they started taking their son to see medical specialists. Finally, after a series of tests, doctors discovered the eight-year-old had three types of mold living inside his body causing major neurological damage.

“We are doing this for our son; for justice. We are doing and seeking to almost pave a way for other families that are going to have to deal with this. There are so many families; so many families already dealing with this.”

The clovers have since moved into housing off base. They say their son is showing improvement. That is the good news. We reached out to Lincoln Property Management, but the company declined to comment.

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