At Webb Law Group, APC, we believe that the best case is the one that never arises, which is why our corporate transnational law attorneys specialize in creating a solid foundation for your business. Litigation is a costly and exhausting sport. From court filing fees to stenographer and videographer costs to taking time off work to attend depositions, to attorneys fees and so on, the costs of litigating a case can be exorbitant.

That’s why, when running a business, it pays to build your company on a rock solid, litigation-resistant foundation. By carefully constructing partnership documents, allocating company stock, and putting in place formal guidelines for handling disputes, resolving conflicts, and creating a sustainable business model, businesses owners can safeguard their startups from litigation pitfalls.

Most business lawsuits arise over contract disputes. This happens more than it should because business partners constantly rely on outdated, boilerplate contracts when setting up their businesses. These business contracts are sometimes impossible to understand, even to the savvy businessperson, so it’s no surprise that they become the subject of so many lawsuits.

At Webb Law Group, we often use the old carpentry expression, “measure twice, cut once.” This phrase is never more potent than in the realm of transactional law, where the first few steps taken by new business partners will dictate their professional relationship foreseeably for the life of the company.

Founding a new business on the experience and expertise of our veteran business attorneys ensures that you can focus on growing your business and creating jobs, rather than fighting petty, needless lawsuits.

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