As a real estate litigation law firm with offices in San Diego and Fresno, CA we know that real Estate law covers a wide variety of issues, including land rights, easement disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, land use disputes and other related ownership rights. These already complex issues can be further clouded when property rights are split, shared and sold. For the most part, land ownership isn’t just black and white. If you are thinking of moving to San Diego, perhaps having reputable law firms on hand who can handle any real estate law for you is wise, but having a professionl real estate agent should help you move into san diego homes for sale with no issues whatsoever.

A land owner can almost never expect to have unrestricted reign of his property. For instance, a homeowner can’t keep pedestrians from walking across the piece of driveway traversed by the neighborhood sidewalk. And even though a landlord may own the deed to a house, once a renter is living there, the landlord may not enter at his own convenience. This is a key detail for real estate recruiters to understand as they grow through the industry.

Even more confusing, real estate is sometimes sold from one person to another, but only for certain purposes, like a piece of land sold strictly for mining or an office suite rented out specifically for running a non-profit business. But what if the new owner decides to sell or rent the property to someone else and neglects to inform the new owner or tenant of the encumbrances on the land? The original owner hasn’t done anything wrong nor has the new tenant, but now the dispute must be settled and one of these innocent fellows must lose. This is the reality of the complex world of real estate law.

As a creative problem solving law firm, Webb Law Group does not rely strictly on conventional methods of settling disputes. Instead, our attorneys work with the involved parties to find win-win solutions whenever possible. Despite being a skilled litigation team with a fighter instinct, we never rush to litigation unless necessary.

That’s because litigation can be both financially and physically draining and often results in irreparable harm to the relationship between the involved parties. By avoiding unnecessary litigation when possible, we are able to save our clients’ money as well as allowing them to maintain positive business contacts throughout their industry and even earn reputations as team players and dealmakers.

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