A Revised Video-to-Audio Transcription

Jack of all trades, master of none. There’s a saying in which I hope never applies to myself.

Of course, there are times when it’s good to be a jack-of-all-trades. My family is close to another family and they were in Africa teaching the people to irrigate their farms for years. Both the father and daughter were doctors. She’s in Alaska. They use floatplanes and tundra tires on planes to fly her all over Alaska and she does all sorts of medical procedures. Whether it’s a baby being born, somebody getting a Tetanus shot, a horse being born, etc. She is the one-stop-shop for some of the little villages that don’t have the depth or breadth of care for these people of the remote villages.

Now, here in bigger cities, in California, we don’t have to do that. We have enough attorneys and sometimes too many attorneys, and so we can actually choose and be picky. So when people say to me “Hey Lenden, can you file a patent, can you do some transactional work, can you draft a contract, can you help me with this family law issue, or worker’s comp, or this criminal issue?,” I can gladly say that I don’t specialize in those fields. I don’t even know those judges. There are separate judges, separate rules, separate courtrooms, separate clubs, and handshakes. I don’t get involved in that at all.

But when an aspect of law that we do deal with, which is litigating and resolving disputes in property, employment, and business disputes, and we’re working in those 3 areas that have a crossover in those areas, what we do is recruit a knowledgeable associate who excels in matters of the types we do not. We bring in somebody who’s going to come in and advise us on that specific area of law. They’ll give us the information we need to litigate to the end and get some sort of a resolution that everybody’s happy with.

Key Points:

  1. Know what you specialize in and become a master of that skill.
  2. If you do not specialize in something and need assistance in that line of the law, recruit someone who does.

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