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A Revised Video-to-Audio Transcription

Today I want to talk about the importance of checklists and how you as the client need to make sure that your attorney is using a checklist. When you go meet with an attorney, and please don’t sign up with just the first one you see, make sure you visit one or two before you make a decision. Take a keen look at checklists.

I want to take a step back here. My grandfather, my dad, my mom, they were all pilots. They had other occupations, but they all flew planes. And so my grandpa, even though he was a pastor and preacher for over 40 years, he flew planes and bought and sold planes as a way to earn income; extra side income; supplemental income. He would fly planes with 16 people on board all over South America, North America all over the different places because he was a cowboy of sorts.

Even though he had a cowboy mentality and grew up back in the 20s and 30s, he had checklists. And when I would fly with him as a young kid, I would see him routinely look at things before he took off and check every single thing on the outside of the plane. He would go through a checklist even though he had literally over 20,000 hours of in-flight experience. He would use his checklist every time. My parents would use checklists every time, and even when using checklists, you still have things go wrong. I can think of countless times when equipment fails or there are problems.

Same thing with my foot a couple of weeks ago. I was playing basketball with my son and broke my foot. So I call a friend of mine and said “Hey I think I sprained my ankle or I’ve broken something. What do I do?” I send a video and they tell me a couple things, but they weren’t using checklists. I pull up the Mayo Clinic site and they have a specific checklist of questions an emergency room doctor should be asking. They should be asking you “did you move it this way, how is it injured, has it been hurt before?” I was thinking, wow, what a great thing to have. There are six pages on just a sprained ankle. It seems pretty simple and basic.

So now let’s take it to a legal perspective. From a legal perspective, we at our office succeed largely because we make sure to regularly use checklists. It doesn’t matter if you’re drafting a complaint, drafting a discovery, going into mediation, you’re doing law in motion, or you’re going into trial. Each time you have a checklist, you’re making it better and better. It’s a living document. It changes over time. But each time, you’re making sure that I’m doing it one step better than I did it last time. Am I improving and am I learning from my adversary?  Am I learning from the resources I have? Am I continuing to grow? And as a client of ours, or any other attorney, I want you to see that in action.

Key Points:

  1. Checklists help you organize the thought process, especially in complicated situations.
  2. Checklists help you grow and better yourself and your skillset.

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