In the fertile valley of central California, irrigation is the lifeblood for countless farmers. In Fresno County, where our main office is located, thousands of acres of farmlands are lined by the San Joaquin and Kings rivers. As these rivers flow down from the Sierra Nevada mountains, the owners of land adjacent to the rivers dam off and siphon out water to irrigate their crops and/or sell water rights to neighboring communities. As these land owners became more and more greedy, the flow of the rivers to the lower regions dwindled, starving the crops to the west. The rapid increase of these issues led to the San Joaquin River becoming, according to many, “the most litigated river in America.”

Prior to forming Webb Law Group, Managing Shareholder, Lenden F. Webb developed a manifest expertise in agricultural law, litigating a constant stream of cases involving irrigation rights and other disputes unique to the agriculture industry. This unique experience led Mr. Webb to develop strong ties with the agricultural community by spending substantial time in the fields, visiting packing factories and inspecting cold storage facilities; becoming immersed in the intricacies of the trade and developing a deep understanding of the sources of and solutions to disputes unique to the farming industry.  As the firm has grown, Mr. Webb’s close relationship with the agricultural community has extended to the rest of his rapidly expanding office staff.


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