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A big motivator in lawsuits is expense, and one of the primary expenses for smaller lawsuits (and when I say smaller lawsuits, I’m referring to something that’s between $50,000 and $100,000 or less), a big factor is attorneys’ fees. Attorneys’ fees are incredibly expensive, they’re prohibitive, they’re why attorneys have a bad name some times, but to be honest, all the attorney has to sell is his time.

So an attorney deals with your matter for 12 minutes, 6 minutes, 18 minutes, and they have to bill somebody for that time. Sadly enough, the client is at the receiving end. What we do is we make sure that the client gets value for those attorneys’ fees and the time that’s spent.

At Webb Law Group, these attorneys’ fees are noted in a row-by-row detailed accounting each month, as far as what you’ve spent, why, and what value did you get for it as a client. The explanation is kept that way, not just for your benefit as a “dear diary” of what’s happened throughout the month, but also at the end of the lawsuit, there is in many cases, either a statute or by contract, a provision that someone is going to pay the prevailing party their attorneys’ fees.

Either an insurance company, a defendant, someone else is going to pay. The main kicker here is to make sure your defendant or your opposing party is not judgment proof. Either bankruptcy have they filed bankruptcy in the past 6 or 7 years, do they have funds, do they have property that has equity in it.

Those kinds of background research reports are available and those are things we can do during the course of litigation to make sure that we do our best to predict because there’s never any assurances but you want to do your best to predict what’s going to be the outcome of the litigation. Most importantly, if you do win, do you have something more than a pretty piece of paper on your wall but actually money that’s going to go back in your bank account and refund you the attorneys’ fees you’ve spent.

Key Point:

  1. A big motivator in lawsuits is the expense. Be sure to get value for the attorney’s fees you’ve invested.

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