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A Revised Video-to-Audio Transcription

There are two different classes of attorneys, as far as most legal work goes. There’s transactional and litigation, and at our firm, we focus on litigation. The type of transactional work we typically do is a by-product of litigation.

Oftentimes, a client may come to me during litigation and realize that their transactional house, their corporate compliance work, their governance documents, are in a state of disrepair.

I have been in lawsuits, both on the giving end and on the receiving end of looking down the barrel of an alter ego or a successor corporation liability suit where there is a piercing of a corporate veil, going into someone’s personal accounts based on corporate malfeasance, and there is a list of about 23 different factors that you could narrow significantly if you group them together in different theories. The courts look at these different factors and in ways to pierce the veil and it’s not a pretty sight.

I’ve been in courtrooms when judges have granted me the right to go into people’s personal bank accounts for something a corporation was doing, and have also been on the receiving end when a client is just doggedly determined to fight to the bitter end for something where there is a significant risk based on their corporate paperwork and handling.

What I’m getting at here is even though we’re not a transactional firm, we do have someone on staff who handles and focuses on the corporate compliance work and making sure that your paperwork is in order before you go to trial. Additionally, we make sure that things are taken care and you have a fair assessment of what kind of liabilities you may face individually even though you’re doing business as a corporation.

Key Point:

  1. At our firm, we focus on litigation. However, we have a staff member who specializes in corporate compliance. We make a fair assessment of individual liabilities even though you’re doing business as a corporation.

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