Why Do Domain Name Disputes Occur?

Managing Partner Lenden F. Webb: "Webb Law Group, APC’s attorneys represent commercial domain name registrants in portfolio protection matters, trademark infringement threat letters and litigation. Our understanding of cyber squatting and trademark law ensures that our litigation techniques are not only advanced but comprehensive and cost-effective.  Our firm also engages in complex litigation [...]

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More than ever, consumers have the free reign to voice their opinions about products via the Internet. Whether the consumer is completely satisfied or dissatisfied they still have the ability to let their voices be heard in the loudest way possible. Consumers who want others to know about their dissatisfaction create Internet “gripe” sites. “Gripe sites” are websites devoted to critiquing a person, place, corporation, or products. Further they allow other consumers to chime in on their unpleasant experiences with a company or product.

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