I have a dispute regarding use of land or water.

Disputes over real property mean high stakes and lasting consequences for the parties and property involved.

Sometimes, people who own real property together cannot agree on important decisions like whether or not to sell the property, transfer ownership, or how to use it (e.g. water use, easements, etc.). Whether going to court is your best option or a favorable settlement, Webb Law Group APC, can help you achieve a creative, cost-effective resolution to your land or water use dispute.

Anytime you are protecting or asserting your rights to use your property, our land and water use attorneys have the experience to protect your interest and constitutional rights. Webb Law Groups expertise and trial experience deliver exceptional land and water use advice and counsel. We bring a deep understanding of the land and water use process honed through the successful management of contested matters throughout the Central Valley and California.

Water Use

Water is the most precious natural resource on earth and is the source of many conflicts between the private and public sectors. Disputes can also arise between private parties over water entitlements, particularly the use of water from streams, lakes, and ponds (surface use), and the use of water underground (subsurface use like wells). All water in California is owned collectively by the people. The State itself is the titleholder, but this title is held in trust for the benefit of the citizens of California. These citizens are entitled to the reasonable use of water for myriad needs, including agricultural and domestic use. Within the last several decades, tension has increased between the needs of agricultural producers and the needs of domestic users. Also, tensions have increased between the needs of domestic and agricultural users.

The attorneys at Webb Law Group serve clients throughout the state of California. Our water resources lawyers offer comprehensive client service in all areas of water law. Characteristic examples of our water law practice include the Evaluation of a property owner’s existing and prospective water rights, including surface and subsurface rights, riparian and appropriative rights, and prescriptive rights based on prior use; preparation and evaluation of grazing leases and related base property water issues for ranchers.

Land Use

Accessing your property and using your property may be restricted by easements, boundary disputes, CC&Rs, or deeds that limit your ability to develop your property or to make the best use of your property. When those problems arise, you will need lawyers with a lot of experience resolving property disputes through negotiation and litigation. Anytime you are protecting or asserting your rights to use your property Webb Law Group’s attorneys can draw upon many years of experience in such disputes to assist you.

Action Plan

If you have any land use or water-related issue that you need to analyze and resolved, please call Webb Law Group APC. Our experienced land use and water resource lawyers serve Clients in the Central Valley, San Diego, and throughout California, and welcome the opportunity to assist you in forming a comprehensive and effective plan of action based on California land and water use regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A water right is legal permission to use a reasonable amount of water for a beneficial purpose such as swimming, fishing, farming, or industry.

How does the water right system affect me?

If your food was grown or raised by California farmers or ranchers, you depend on someone who either has a water right or buys water from a water supplier who has a water right (such as an irrigation district). If you live in the city or suburbs and drink, cook with, wash with, or water your yard with water, you can do so because your city has a water right or buys water from someone who has a water right. If you swim, fish, or boat in a man-made lake or raft below a dam, you can do so because the dam owner has a water right.

What land use matters to you assist with?

  • Entitlements
  • Easements
  • Property rights
  • Property Disputes
  • Problems with governments
  • Zoning
  • Problems with governments
  • State laws, local ordinances and municipal contracts
  • Disputes with neighboring property owners
  • Eminent domain
  • Regulatory taking of property
  • Unconstitutional restriction on uses or changes in uses
  • Permitting, processing, negotiation and litigation with government agencies 


“As a 40-year owner of contiguous agricultural property, city dwellers who had bought and built on a dead-end road beyond my ranches were granted an easement to travel through my property to reach their own property. (8) Plaintiffs joined in a lawsuit to restrict my property rights preventing me from using my ranch in compliance with statutes & laws rendered by precedent cases previously recorded & adjudicated. To say Chris is “Brilliant” would be an understatement. He and Webb Law Group firmly prevented such said actions by Plaintiffs. My life’s work and total monetary savings is invested in this now my retirement property. At 70 years of age and as one of many Disabled Vietnam vets who suffered loss & rejection, I find it heroic to have someone of his high caliber defense, representing me in court; as I continue to apply & struggle for permits pertaining to the building of my own retirement home, accessing it by way of grade permits, and achieving my 40 year goal of a simple subdivision of 10 acres into (2) separate legal 5 acre parcels. After all, I paid taxes on this property for 40 years now, I would say I am due my Golden parachute! Wouldn’t you also hire someone like Chris and his Webb Law Group?”


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