In California and across the country, peaceful protests in support of equality for people of color are taking place. Our attorneys believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and no one deserves to have their rights violated. If your employer has discriminated against you based on your race, ethnicity, or national origin, the employer should be held accountable for their actions.

Both California and Federal law make it illegal for an employer to discriminate against a person based on his or her race or ethnicity. Employees who are discriminated against or harassed based on race or ethnicity can file a lawsuit against their employer for damages.

Examples of Racial Discrimination

Race is a combination of a person’s ancestry, skin color, and physical characteristics. Ethnicity predominantly refers to a person’s ancestry, including their linguistic group, religion, and traditions. Racial or ethnicity harassment and discrimination can be experienced by anyone who is treated differently and unfavorably because of their race or ethnicity.

Racial discrimination at work can look like:

  • Unjust disciplinary action
  • Negative performance reviews
  • Refusal to provide training
  • Wrongful termination
  • Pressured into quitting
  • Denial of raises and other compensation
  • Retaliation
  • Denial of promotions and other advancement opportunities.

Recent Case Involving Racial Discrimination at Work

Unfortunately, racial discrimination at work is not just a part of our past. As we are currently hearing through the powerful shared stories of African-Americans across the country, it happens with all too much frequency.

In a recent racial discrimination case, an African-American woman sued her former workplace, a local hospital, for racial discrimination and wrongful termination. The woman claimed that her co-workers would comment on her skin color and use racist language when speaking to her as well as throw away her blood samples or label them incorrectly, overall creating a very uncomfortable work environment. The employee took the necessary steps and reported the discriminatory comments and actions to her supervisors, who did nothing. Eventually, she was terminated.

A jury of her peers ruled in her favor and awarded her $1.58 million for the mistreatment and discrimination she unjustly endured while at work.

Workplace discrimination based on race is a violation of state and federal laws. If your employer fails to protect employees from racial harassment and discrimination, you may be able to bring a legal claim. The law, and our experienced employment lawyers, are on your side.

Your Rights

Under FEHA, a California law, it is an illegal for an employer to discriminate against a person because of his or her race or color in any aspect of employment.  Race, color, and ethnicity can have different meanings to different people, and there is often a lot of overlap. Regardless of how you label it, discrimination is illegal in the California workplace.

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