Most business litigation arises around breach of contract disputes. As a law firm with a reputation for scrupulous transactional advocacy, we help business owners avoid messy litigation by drafting clear and unambiguous business contracts for our clients. Unfortunately, many businesses implement outdated or needlessly complex contracts, which inevitably become the source for disputes down the road. When this happens, we are able to meet with potential clients, review the involved documents, and determine whether a legitimate dispute exists and whether our office can provide a benefit in sorting out the issue.

Our firm’s long history of representing business owners in breach of contract matters has allowed us to become extremely efficient in analyzing contracts, identifying the source of the dispute, and determining the optimal course of action. In many circumstances creative solutions can be employed, which avoid costly business litigation and often constitute a win-win situation for the respective parties.

Breach of contract disputes can arise out of many situations including partnership agreements, purchase and sale agreements, a lease or other business contracts. Breaches usually occur when one of the parties involved in the contract does not comply with the terms of that agreement.

If you entered into a binding contract and one or more of the individuals involved breaches that agreement, you need an attorney that can protect your interests and help you achieve the outcome you desire in these stressful situations. You will need a law firm or lawyer who fully understands contract law and has experience handling such matters. At Webb Law Group, we can help you achieve the outcome you desire with creative solutions and a full understanding of California contract law.

We can help in a wide range of contract disputers for small and large size businesses. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to solve your business dispute as quickly as possible while having as little impact as possible on your bottom line and stress levels.

Contact our office today.  We can meet you at the office that is most convenient for you, or in any of our locations in Fresno and San Diego California. We are ready to help you solve your breach of contract dispute.


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